HELLO, love. My name is Jenn Bregande, I am a 32 year old wife, sister, daughter, doggy mom (in no particular order).

I am a self taught photographer.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea before flying to meet my mom + dad here in the States. Both of my parents were teachers + business owners, instilling in me qualities that have helped me as an artist + a business owner.

My childhood was a full and well-lived one. I grew up on Broadway music, Nick at Night and ballet classes. My dad built my sister + me our own playhouse in the backyard. We promptly filled it with framed New Kids on the Block posters.

But, most importantly, I have boxes full of photos from my years growing up. My mom always had a camera in hand, capturing images of every recital, birthday, christmas + random summer day.

As an adult, I have come to fully appreciate her efforts. Pouring through album after album - feeling the nostalgia, sentimentality + joy - is the reason I pick up my camera everyday.


I like to describe my photographic style as moody and emotive.

To me, it is most important to capture you in your rawest element. However, I appreciate that “posing” for photos can be intimidating + lets face it, a bit awkward! In those instances, I give direction sparingly.

My goal is to illicit emotion - love, sadness, breathlessness.


At the moment, I primarily focus on wedding, elopement, engagement, family, fashion + beauty photography. However, I am always open to any requests that potential clients have! If there is something you are itching to do, please do not hesitate to reach out. Doing new things is how we stay bold, relevant and growing!

We booked Jenn for our NYC wedding and we absolutely loved our photos. My husband and I didn’t want super traditional wedding photos + were looking for someone who could provide a moodiness and edge to our union. Would highly recommend.
— Patty Yoon, New York, New York