Double the photography, double the fun! See more photos from sessions, traveling and catch a glimpse into my day-to-day life.


when i was 3 months old, i arrived in america to my italian family. when people ask me, "what nationality are you?" i am always tempted to say "ITALIAN!" even though my outsides are asian, i am 100% an italian woman at heart - pride in family and tradition, outspoken, an alpha. marrying a man who was raised in a similar way has only made the relationship i have with italy + italian culture even stronger.

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jennie bregande

collection upon collection of things.
things that you needed, things that you wanted, things that mattered and things not so much.
well, really... it all mattered. at least to you it did. and that's what matters to us now.

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my first experience with camera was 2005 during my senior year of high school. i had no particular interest in photography - i just wanted to take as many classes taught by my favorite teacher that were offered. my sister was my very first subject and i have to say, looking back on those photos, only one word accurately describes them : rough.

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jennie bregande