it is officially summer in the iannicello house. zach is done with school + tending to his painting business full time, georgia peach hates to be outside until after five in the evening due to the heat and sun and I have a laundry list of projects I’m badgering zach to complete… with all the time he has, right? because he has an abundance? he truly doesn’t have a second to breathe.

but he makes the time.
but he takes the time.

and that’s pretty much how our marriage goes.

when he drove up the driveway at 1 PM, my heart was bursting. 1 PM on a saturday? that never happens. georgia peach and I greeted him at the door and he said

…got rained out.

I said,
well, what are you going to do with yourself all day?

… nothing. i’m going to relax.

I said,
that will literally last about an hour, two hours tops, and then you’ll start pacing about the house, looking for something to do, because you can’t sit still unless you’re sleeping. how about you make the floating shelves i’ve been asking about for the past few weeks?

… sure, I can do that after my nap.

two hours later he’s at our dining room table, drawing out the design, writing down the specs so he knows exactly what he needs to buy.

this methodical way he creates mirrors the way he works in our marriage. he thinks it out, plans it out, fleshes it out, and 9 times out of 10 it is perfection.


I feel so grateful to be his wife and for our little family. this time we spend together, its so precious and meaningful to me. it leaves my insides as warm as these humid july days. I live for daylight until well after 8 PM, long walks with georgia peach, travel, taking naps on rainy days, the dull but relaxing hum of the air conditioner. even though it means mosquito bites the size of welts and moments where we feel like we can’t breathe- the air is so thick and heavy in our noses, I wouldn’t trade any of it.

so tomorrow when i’m arranging my things on the shelves he built, i’ll make a point to stop and reflect. i’ll think about the effort, the time, and the the work. i’ll think about how lucky I am - for summer, for zach and for love.

jennie bregande