it’s hard to believe I’ve been photographing these little girls for three years now. harper, shiloh, elsa and everly have spent their adolescences next door to my mom, constantly running over, knocking on the sliding door and requesting any kind of cookie she may have in the house.

These brave, wild souls are constantly climbing, crawling, and chasing with zero hesitation. Even when they fall, there are rarely tears- they just stand up, brush themselves off, and forge ahead. their adventurous attitudes and their lack of fear are qualities I think most women wish they had.

and i’m pretty sure its almost entirely due to their mom.

chandra, momma bear to these crazy cubs, is one of the most hardworking, resourceful, energetic, authentic people I know. when she’s not raising these 4 girls, she’s keeping busy with something - whether its renovating her kitchen entirely by herself, rebuilding her garden shed, making furniture or participating in marathons (yes, marathons).

I imagine it can feel like a handful at times… parenting little ones who are free spirited. but in my opinion, the world needs more girls like harper, shiloh, elsa + Avery… girls who will grow into women who are fearlessly independent, tenacious and unapologetic.