these two... am quite literally obsessed with this couple.

I remember the first time I saw them walk into our gym. they towered over everyone in both stature (tyler, are you like, 6"5?!) and demeanor - there was a warmth and genuineness that radiated and I was instantly drawn to them.

so it was only fitting that their engagement session was fall-inspired - set at golden hour when the sun is soft and glowing. 

we traveled to beak and skiff orchards + winery for the shoot ( I challenge anyone in syracuse to think of a place that embodies our ideas of fall more than apple picking at beak and skiff ) and it was not a disappointment. 

i've looked at these photos dozens of times because I love them (and this couple) so much! 

thank you x a million to lindsay + tyler for stepping in front of my camera and giving me images i'll be proud of forever. lindsay, you're going to be the most beautiful bride!

xoxo, j

jennie bregande