You all know the parent, family member or friend that swears the little in their life is "really smart. like, smarter than any other (insert child's age here) they've ever met." i'm going to be one of those people and tell you that my niece poppy is quite possibly the smartest toddler i've ever known.

that's a bold statement considering that my nieces and nephew are incredibly bright kids. my niece, quinn has been teaching herself french for over a year now (she is 9). but, poppy is on a level that never fails to shock me. 

poppy "met" georgia peach at just over a year old. she's spent time with peach maybe 3-4 times. also, like i said, she's 2. when she arrived in syracuse with her mom and dad she said "georgia peach? benny? (my mom's dog is benny) where are they?" not to mention you can say almost any word to her and she recites it back to you, almost always with perfect diction. she takes her mom's face in her hands and says things like "mom, i am so proud of you", she can pick back up on a conversation you had with her over an hour later and fully remember what you said. she also knows (and i mean properly knows) at LEAST three words in italian. 

but, not only is she bright, she's absolutely adorable. one of the cutest. cuddly, sweet as pie yet sassy. 


jennie bregande