have you ever met someone that you instantly clicked with... you hit it off from the start and felt you had so much in common it was as if you'd known each other for years? that's how i feel about the beautiful, incredibly smart and fiercely sarcastic bride, nidhi. and her husband, cory reminds me so much of my husband - docile, sweet, meticulous but knows exactly when and how to put his wife in her place !

at our first meeting they gave me a very general idea of how the 2 days would go. for a few hours the night before i would photograph what is called the sangeet. the next day would be a day-long event. i remember jumping in the car and racing to my mom's to tell her about one very specific part that intrigued + excited me : cory, the groom, would be coming in on a white horse. yes, you heard me right! 

the sangeet, shown above, wedding day shown below.

i feel privileged whenever a bride and groom choose to capture their special day but, nidhi + cory's indian wedding was filled with so many beautiful traditions both big and small that it made this one of the most memorable and cherished experiences i've had as a photographer. ever.

congratulations mr. + mrs. villanueva. i adore the both of you!

jennie bregande