for those of you who may not know, my photography career started in the fashion + beauty world. 1-2 times a month i would travel to new york city to work with modeling agencies to keep their models' portfolios updated and current. it was much easier when zach + i were college students to travel every other weekend. but, when he got a full time job teaching in the city, it became less plausible to take off on a friday afternoon, getting home late on sunday and starting the school week without feeling rushed and exhausted. so i made the switch into the world of weddings, family portraiture and fitness photography.

this wedding, the smiley wedding, was particularly thrilling and exciting for me - the bride is a commercial model in new york. every bride is beautiful, special, unique but, to work with one who fluidly moves in front of my camera with little to no direction is ... everything. and her husband is not to be outdone - a man who is charm personified, they are some of my favorite subjects i've photographed. ever.

this wedding was filled with so many special, intimate moments. thank you mecaila and terrell for choosing me to capture your story. 


jennie bregande