my first experience with camera was 2005 during my senior year of high school. i had no particular interest in photography - i just wanted to take as many classes taught by my favorite teacher that were offered. my sister was my very first subject and i have to say, looking back on those photos, only one word accurately describes them : rough. 

i've learned a lot since then - the biggest change being that i fell in love with taking photographs. after experimenting with so many different styles (shooting and editing), i finally feel good (so good, so so good) about my voice as an artist and what feelings i want my work to convey. 

other than our sibling relationship, taking pictures of my sister again feels like i'm coming "full circle." it's emotional for me, knowing how bumpy this journey has been - filled with a lot of compromise, realization and acceptance that success doesn't mean what i thought it would years before. my sister has always been my biggest fan, advocate and driving force. she's always supported my talent and loudly voiced her approval. i would not be where i am today as an artist if it weren't for her. i love you sissy.


jennie bregande