NINA + JASON | bachelor/bachelorette party

last weekend my in-laws came together to celebrate nina and jason's upcoming wedding.

i have to say this... if my family-by-marriage is anything... it is fun. serious fun. all the time, fun. ball-busting, pants-peeing fun, especially when a little bit of alcohol is involved. 


and of all the subjects i photograph, they are my favorite. regardless of the time or place they find a way to enjoy themselves. and when you look at photos of them, you can feel the joy as if you are there, too.



there isn't anything contrived about these photos. every "posed" photo was simply catching a moment where they made eye contact with me and flashed a smile before continuing on with the celebration. as i looked over the dozens of photos i took i felt this swell of happiness and laughter and gratitude that i am a part of this family. 

nina + jason, i cannot wait for your wedding. to my family, i can't wait to continue to capture all of these amazing moments in your lives. i love you.


jennie bregande